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Membership in this category are of two types. It is for those in the fields of engineering, technology or science, or with a sound background in engineering discipline.

Registered members get valuable support to develop their professional career, including opportunities to improve practical skills (where applicable). Registration and annual subscription fee are as follows:

Corporate Membership I

  1. Application Form N500.00
  2. Process Feee N2,000.00
  3. Subscription Fee N2,000.00
  4. Development Fee N200.00
  5. Conference Material N1,000.00
  6. Total N7,500.00

Corporate Membership II

  1. Application Form N500.00
  2. Process Feee N5,000.00
  3. Subscription Fee N20,000.00
  4. Development Fee N10,000.00
  5. Conference Material N5,000.00
  6. Total N40,500.00

Members Benefits

  • Supporting MMM for continuous research development and growth
  • Being part of a network of professional engineers
  • Become a role model and spokesperson for young engineers
  • Keep track of issues appertaining to engineering events and news through our quarterly newsletter or journal
  • Obtain career help and guidance through our successful team of experts
  • Gain useful management by serving on our Council
  • Build practical skills by getting involved in our activities (become a cluster co-ordinator, contribute articles for our newsletter and possibly join our judging panel for one of our awards)
  • Meet like-minded people at our annual conference and enjoy working to build a stronger profession
  • Build your profile at events and network into your next job
  • Take part in outreach events to inspire the next generation of young people and students
  • Use our social networking sites to connect to other members online
  • Feel confident that your membership subscription is being positively used to grow, encourage and inspire your career development

How to join

Join online

Complete the online Application Form below. Your application will be processed and you will receive your membership pack in due course.

Download Application Form

Download the application form below and send your completed application to Head Office to be processed. Once approved you will receive your membership pack in the post.

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