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A. REQUIREMENTS Candidates applying for elevation to the Fellowship Grade of the Institution must satisfy the following requirements:
    1. Must have had at least 15 years post qualification experience, and a Corporate Member for at least 10 years.
    2. Must be COREN registered.
    3. Must have attended at least 3 AGMs in 6 years prior to the year of application.
    4. Must be active and consistently up to date financially in his/her Chapter of the Institution during the last ten (10 years) prior to applying or is invited for Fellowship. There must have been consistency in the payment of the NIMMME annual subscriptions/dues/levies etc by the candidate.
    5. Must have paid all the fees associated with the application and processing for the fellowship.
    6. Should have contributed strongly towards the development of engineering practice and the engineering profession in Nigeria, by way of any or a combination of:
– Leadership or participation in up to 3 projects of engineering importance, with notable contribution to national development. – Successful entrepreneurship in an identifiable area of engineering practice. – Attainment of level of Manager in a respectable private sector organisation or Assistant Director in the public service, or the equivalent. – Successful mentorship of at least 5 engineers to professional maturity. – Successful leadership and supervision of team consisting of at least 5 engineers.
    1. Should have written and presented up to three (3) Technical/Management papers at the Chapter, the Institution or other professional/management fora acceptable to Council, in the last 10 years. Also publications in a technical journal can be considered in lieu of the above.
    2. Show evidence of at least 3 attendances at refresher engineering courses/workshops attended by applicants – to make him/her current and not with obsolete knowledge. At least one of such courses/workshops must be under the Institution.
    3. Should have facilitated the membership of at least two student or corporate members of the Institution who are financially up to date? (Names and dates to be supplied, which will be cross-checked against the individuals’ registration forms).
a.) Download three (3) copies of NIMMME Application Form for Fellowship Grade from the Institution’s website, www.matmetmin.com, fill appropriately and submit to the Administrative Secretary with payment of non-refundable application processing fee as follows:
•N150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand naira only) for direct application
•N100,000.00 (one hundred thousand naira only) for Holders of NSE Fellowship and/or NIMMME SPX
•N1,500,000.00 (one million, five hundred thousand naira only) for application by invitation.
b.) A type-written report on professional experience, emphasizing personal contributions to the development and promotion of the Engineering profession and a resume of employments and appointments should be submitted. The report should also contain evidences of all claims as indicated in the form.
c.) Three (3) copies of the report are to be submitted on A4-size paper with spiral binding. d.The application form must be duly endorsed by the Chapter Chairman and one past Chairman of the Institution.
e.) Two (2) Referees’ Forms completed by two Fellows of the Institution should be attached to the form. Such Referees must be in good financial standing in the Institution and NSE national.
f.) Award of the Shield of Professional Excellence or Fellowship of NSE to a candidate is an important advantage.
g.) Submit the proof of payment of stipulated application fees with the application form.

Candidates under this category shall fill NIMMME Application Form for Fellowship Grade as specified in B(a) above.

I.) Application by Invitation:

This is for candidates who want express registration process and candidates with exceptional professional or public service achievement. Exceptional candidates are defined as those who have received honours and recognition at the highest National or International level of engineering excellence. Candidates by invitation shall satisfy conditions stipulated in A and B above, but some aspects may be waived at the discretion of the National Chairman with approval of Council of NIMMME. Payment of any stipulated subscriptions and dues before conferment shall apply for this category of candidates.

II.) Application by Holders of NSE Fellowship:
Candidates under this category shall fill the Application Form for Fellowship Grade but aspects already taken care of during the NSE Fellowship and/or SPX application processes may be waived at the discretion of the National Chairman, with approval of Council of NIMMME.  

How to join

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Complete the online Fellowship Referee’s Form below. Your application will be processed and we shall get back to you as applicable.

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Download the Fellowship Referee’s Form below and send your completed form to Head Office to be processed. Once approved you will receive your membership pack in the post.

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