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Who We Are: History of our Division

The Division was inaugurated by the Council of the Nigerian Society of Engineers in 1988 as Nigerian Institution of Metallurgical, Mining and Materials Division. The Division was born about the time when the country’s primary steel production plants and rolling mills (The Delta Steel Company and the Ajaokuta Steel Company) along with the three Inland Steel Rolling Mills in Jos, Oshogbo and Katsina commenced operations. 

Nigerian Institution of Metallurgical, Mining and Materials (MMM) Division of the Nigerian Society of Engineers is one of the Divisions of the Umbrella body set up to carter for engineering professional graduates, trained in Metallurgy, Mining and Materials and related disciplines such as Ceramics Engineering, Polymer Engineering, Textile Engineering, Foundry Engineering, etc.

In Nigeria, it oversees and carters for the professional development needs of its members across the country through its various Chapters in major cities and towns.

The professional development and growth activity cover annual conferences, workshops, seminars, specialist committees, public seminars by distinguished professionals and interactions with other similar professional organization and professional personalities across the globe.

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (MMM) Division in its over two decades of existence have been under the Chairmanship of reputable professionals, with the Pioneering Chairman:

1) Engr. (Dr.) P. N. Atanmo (1988 – 1999), subsequently followed by:

2) Engr. (Prof.) J. Ade-Ajayi (1999 – 2002)

3) Engr. (Chief) P. U. Umunnakwe (2002 – 2006)

4) Engr. (Dr.) A. G. F. Alabi (2006 – 2008)

5) Ese Ochoga (2008 – 2010)

6) Engr. P. C. Okonji (2010 – 2010)

7) Engr. (Prof.) David Esezobor (2012-2014)

8) Dr. F. I. Apeh (2015-2017)

9) Engr. Prof. D. O. N. Obikwelu (2017-2019) and presently, our National Chairman is

10) Engr. Dr Ayodeji Temidayo Adeyemo.

Our Vision

To constantly develop members professional competencies to rank among the best in the globe. To establish codes and standard for professional practice in line with global best practices and develop local engineering material resources for national technological and economic development.

Our Mission

To be the leading light and force of propulsion in all aspects of engineering materials development and application in Nigeria.

Executive Members


    • Engr. Dr. Ayo Adeyemo – National Chairman (07036751502) – ayotadeyemo@yahoo.com
    • Engr. Prof. Aje Tokan – National Vice-Chairman – ajetokan2003@yahoo.com
    • Engr. Dr. J. K. Odusote – Ex – officio – jamiukolawole@gmail.com
    • Engr. James Solomon – Financial Secretary – olomonjames47@yahoo.com
    • Engr. Ogbodo Joy – National Programme Coordinator (08030476422) – joyogbodo429@yahoo.com
    • Engr. Dr. Y. L. Shuaib – Babata – National Treasurer – sylbabata2000@yahoo.co.uk
    • Engr. Okwuolisa Chika – Assist. National Programme Coordinator – chiklisa@hotmail.com
    • Engr. Prof. D. O. N. Obikwelu – Immediate Pass National Chairman – dobikwelu@yahoo.com
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