Student Membership

This membership is classified into two categories and it is mainly for students, especially those in engineering discipline or interest.

Members are exposed to more technical and professional ethics with support and enabling environment to succeed in their chosen engineering career. Registration and annual subscription fee are as follows:

Student Membership I

  1. Application Form N500.00
  2. Process Feee N500.00
  3. Subscription Fee N1,000.00
  4. Development Fee N500.00
  5. Total N2,500.00

Student Membership II

  1. Application Form N500.00
  2. Process Feee N1,000.00
  3. Subscription Fee N2,000.00
  4. Development Fee N1,000.00
  5. Total N4,500.00

Members Benefits

  • Provides avenues through which students and graduates can grow professionally
  • Serve as a platform to connect and develop new ideas or career opportunity
  • Builds confidence, engineering ethics with evidence of a professional in engineering service delivery
  • Provides opportunity for professional scholarship and growth
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