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How long have you been a Corporate Member of NIMMME?

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Have you fascilitated membership for any two financially up to date student/
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Have you attended any of your Chater meetings, if yes,
state up to 5 meetings within last two years?

Have you served in any Office or Committee of your Chapter
or Institution? If yes, give details

Have you attended NIMMME National Annual General Meetings?
If yes, state dates and places of up to 3 AGM within the last 10 years

Have you attended any Technical or Management Seminars, Lectures, Workshop
or Conference? Please state below (Date and places of up to three)

Have you written, presented or publsihed any Technical/Management Papers?
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Have you represented NIMMME or been appointed to any Federal /
State Government Board, Committee, Task Force, etc?

Have you held any recognized position in your field of Engineer or public/private office
for at least 2 years (e.g. Minister, Commissionder, Adviser, Permanent Secretary,
Director General, MD, GM, Director, Dean, HOD, Principal Partner, Chief Princiopal
Consultatant, Peofessor, etc? If yes, state position and period.

State any contribution (with evidence) you made in any of the following areas:
a) Inventions/Patents, b) Basic modoification to Engineering System, c) Major Design,
d) Special Technical/Scientific/Management Study.

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